Kuehne + Nagel acquire a fleet of the energy-saving RX70 Hybrid forklift trucks from STILL.

Kuehne + Nagel acquire a fleet of the energy-saving RX70 Hybrid forklift trucks from STILL.

The Still RX 70 Hybrid is the world most fuel efficient IC engine forklifts and recently won the International Forklift of the Year award. Kuehne + Nagel tested forklifts from a number of different manufacturers before deciding upon the Still RX 70 Hybrid. Andreas Kerkmann of Kuehne + Nagel says:
“In the test, the RX 70 Hybrid from STILL scored best by far with a fuel consumption rate considerably below that of the models it was compared to. This is why we decided to rent a complete fleet of twenty RX70 Hybrid trucks which we operate at Hannover, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Nuremberg as well as Munich.” In the tests, the fuel consumption per hour was up to 1.2 litres lower than that of compared models”.

Kuehne + Nagel are one of the largest logistics companies in the world with over 61,500 staff at 900 sites in over 100 countries. The company focuses on sea and air freight, contract logistics and land-based transports with a clear alignment to value added areas such as IT-based lead logistics services.

Gwent Mechanical Handling is the Wales main distributor for all Still materials handling equipment with numerous customers using the Still RX70. For this particular K+N fleet, the hybrid trucks are equipped with a minimum fork length of 2,000mm, a particle filter for indoor operation in fair halls, a full cabin with heater for outdoor operation and the counter balance weight is painted in K&N corporate colours. Gwent Mechanical can adapt forklifts to individual requirements for specific applications.

Ten hybrid trucks with a load capacity of 3.0 and 3.5 tonnes, with closed mast heights ranging from 2,180mm to 2,925mm and lift heights from 4,480mm to 6,430mm were supplied, along with a further ten equipped with a hydraulic double pallet handler. To increase the comfort for the drivers, all trucks were equipped with an exclusive air suspended seat and heating.” The head of the technical department at Kuehne + Nagel Hannover – Uwe Gildner underlines: “The initial scepticism of the drivers has now been transformed into full enthusiasm.”

The Still RX 70 Hybrid forklift trucks reduce C02 emissions:

The hybrid trucks combine the advantages of a powerful IC drive with the sensitivity of an electric truck. The diesel-electric drive from STILL is mainly characterised by its high efficiency and its long service life. This powerful propulsion system consists of a generator, an intelligent control unit and an electric motor. In the system, the generator is driven by a fuel-efficient diesel or LPG engine. A control unit regulates the electric power which is transmitted to the electric drive motor as needed. Thanks to the low fuel consumption, the CO2 emission is drastically reduced in comparison to comparable models.

First hybrid forklift truck with energy recuperation.

The RX70 Hybrid is the first counter balance truck produced in series to feature energy recuperation and electric power transmission as a hybrid truck. When the driver releases the accelerator pedal, the truck is electrically slowed down – wear free. During the deceleration, the kinetic energy is transformed into electric energy which is then fed into the high capacity capacitors (Ultra Caps) mounted on the rear of the truck. Ultra Caps are able to quickly absorb and release high currents. This is important if the truck accelerates and stops frequently (e.g. loading and unloading HGVs). Fair grounds often demand for this type of work and are therefore the ideal place of application for the RX70 Hybrid. In combination with an extremely efficient utilisation of the internal combustion engine, the energy recuperation provides additional potential to save up to 15 percent of fuel compared to a standard RX70.

Blue-Q – Saving energy at the ‘push of a button’.

With the energy saving mode Blue-Q, STILL offers another means to save power. The driver can activate this mode by pressing a button. Blue-Q does not only affect the driving characteristics, but also intelligently switches electric devices on and off. For example, this can be the seat heater which is switched off when the driver leaves the cabin. Optimising the characteristics of the IC engine, will reduce the fuel consumption up to twenty percent, depending on the application profile and the equipment of the truck. Less wear and longer maintenance intervals will reduce costs further and improve the economic feasibility of the truck.

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We also have a number of “Quality Approved” Pre-owned and Refurbished RX 70 forklifts in stock.