New Doosan GX Plus Series Forklift 2.0 – 3.0 Tonne

New Doosan GX Plus – Series

2 tonne to 3 tonne capacity

The new GX plus series forklift provides outstanding performance, safety and value for money with simple to operate features.

New for 2018, the GX Plus is an upgrade to the tried and tested GX forklifts. Featuring the new series 7 style counterweight plus improvements to driver ergonomics, hydraulics and engines, these machines set a new standard in value for money forklift performance.

  • Diesel and Gas / LPG models
  • Euro IIIA emissions regulation compliant engine
  • Simple to operate
  • Easy to maintain
  • Many features as standard
  • Integral sideshift
  • Productive and durable
  • Prices from £59 per week

High Powered, Fuel Efficient Engine

The Euro Stage IIIA compliant 3.0 litre diesel engine is designed exclusively for industrial applications. This engine provides great fuel efficiency, low noise and extended service intervals.

 Cyclone, Dual Element Air Cleaner

The cyclone type and heavy duty dual element filter air cleaning system protects the engine against contamination. This extends the engine’s service life and keeps the best engine condition in any environment.

Operator Sensing System (OSS)

This system avoids any unintended forklift movements when the operator is not seated. It reduces the risk on accidents involving operators or nearby people and protects the truck and its load.

Operator Compartment

The newly designed operator compartment provides optimal comfort and productivity:

  • Spacious Operator Compartment with lots of leg room.
  • Ergonomically located pedals.
  • Low cowl height for better visibility.

Adjustable Tilt Steering Column

The easily adjustable, stepless tiltable steering column ensures that the operator can work in an optimal ergonomic position, in order to avoid back injuries when operating the truck for long periods.

Easy to Read Instrument Panel

The easily readable, integrated instrument panel ensures the operator is kept informed about the machine’s operating conditions at all times:

  • engine coolant temperature
  • transmission oil temperature
  • fuel level gauge
  • hour meter

Indicators alert the operator about any abnormal conditions:

  • engine oil pressure
  • alternator voltage
  • water separator
  • pre-heat indicator

Hydraulic Control Levers

The hood mounted hydraulic levers have been positioned with the operator’s comfort in mind,  reducing operator’s fatigue considerably

 Wide Step Plate and Easy Entry Grab Bar

Thanks to the wide anti-slip step plates the operator can safely mount and unmount the truck, even in slippery weather conditions due to rain or snow. The Entry Grab Bar provides the operator a firm grip to mount and unmount the truck in all safety.

Rigid Transaxle with Shoe Brake

The rigid transaxle with shoe brakes transmission and the 1 speed powershift transmission helps reduce maintenance and repair time and costs.

Easy to Access

  • Easy to open hood
  • Wide hood open angle
  • Easy removable floor mat and plate

Easy to Service

  • Optimized location to service: battery, air cleaner, filters, dipstick gauges
  • Integration of fuses and relays

Overhead Guard / Cabin (optional)

The ergonomically designed overhead guard and cabin offers great visibility and safety.

For further information on the new Doosan GX series forklift please contact us at Gwent Mechanical Handling. We are the Doosan main dealer and whatever your particular application, contact us for expert advice.

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