The RX 50 is the worlds top selling electric forklift and is also the most compact electric three-wheel, rear wheel driven fork lift truck of its class. It is seamlessly integrated into the family of the STILL electric forklift trucks. The RX50 range is available with lifting capacities from 1 tonne up to 1.6 tonne. The RX 50 is used by some of the worlds most famous companies and is especially suitable to load and unload lorries, containers, train carriages and to move pallets inside the warehouse.

A variety of masts are available, giving a maximum lifting height of 6645mm.


    • 24 volt 3 phrase drive motor
    • Blue Q energy programme
    • Five selectable driving programmes
    • Excellent driving stability by optimized Curve Speed Control

    Powerful 24 volt 3 -phase drive with hydraulic pump for maximum throughput of goods.

    1000 hour or 12 months maintenance intervals and short servicing times for minimal maintenance costs.

    Standard guard height of 2080 mm, or an option of 1980 mm for low rooms and passing through doorways.

    The RX50 already has as standard a speed regulator dependent on the steering wheel lock. For this class of electric forklift truck, you only get this from STILL. If required the RX 50 can be fitted with additional components from the STILL luxury package. The ergonomically shaped and positioned controls ensure a safe and stress-free work place. For example, the small steering wheel and power steering, and the specially damped valve levers for minimum vibration.

    The 24-volt 3-phase drive of the RX 50 provides up to 12% more power with increased acceleration. This means that the RX 50 forklift truck clearly exceeds class standards. What’s more, the new drive dynamics provide greater climbing ability. Five drive programmes ensure optimal matching to any application.

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