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Still RX70 Hybrid wins International Forklift of the Year Award

The Still RX70 Hybrid has won International forklift of the Year Award 2013 for the best counter balanced forklift up to 3.5 tonne capacity. The award was presented by Professor Michael ten Hompel at the ceremony in Dortmund.

The RX70 Hybrid, for which Gwent Mechanical Handling are the South Wales main distributor is the world’s first series produced hybrid forklift truck, famous for its super efficient fuel economy.

According to the jury, the key factor in the decision in favour of the RX70 Hybrid, in the production of which 95% of the materials used were recycled, was its higher level of innovation, which clearly set it apart from other IC-engine trucks, particularly in terms of operating costs.

This added up to an overall package of cost effectiveness, environment-friendliness and user friendliness that the jury from eight countries found highly convincing. In outlining the reasons for its decision, the international jury said “As the first diesel forklift with energy recovery system and electrical power transmission, the RX70 Hybrid lays down a benchmark for the development of these trucks and takes the balance of ecology and economy into a new era. With the RX70 Hybrid, STILL ideally caters to the requirements of cost-effectiveness and sustainability and therefore also to the demand for energy-efficient trucks. This innovation generates major advantages for users”.

By using “Super Caps” (super-capacitors), STILL is the first manufacturer to equip its RX70 series with a braking energy recovery system. The Super Caps provide an added energy boost, and the additional electrical energy source means that the same loading volume can be handled by smaller motors. The RX70 has a so-called serial hybrid system, in which a combustion engine drives a generator, which supplies electrical energy which is then available to power the machine. This renders numerous mechanical or hydraulic components unnecessary and the sophisticate concept ensures that the combustion-engined RX70 drives and feels like an electric truck.

Outstandingly Low Operating Costs and Fuel efficiency:

Both energy consumption and wear are remarkably low compared to other machines handling the same loading volume. During the IFOY Test in March, the 3.5 tonne left the competition in its wake with outstanding efficiency values: energy consumption and therefore C02 emissions under high loads were almost 30% lower than the average for comparable rival machines. The switchable Blue-Q energy saving mode reduces energy consumption even further.

Alongside its performance values, the RX70 is a low-wear machine and is therefore also a convincing choice in terms of cost-effectiveness as well as low operating costs and long servicing and repair intervals. A number of Gwent Mechanical Handling customers have benefited from very large (up to 50%) fuel savings since purchasing these forklifts from us.

Further information:

Gwent Mechanical Handling are the multi award winning main forklift dealer in South Wales for Still Forklift Trucks. We also have an extensive stock of quality approved used forklifts including most of the Still range.