• STILL RX 20 International Forklift of the year....

    The New STILL RX 20 wins the 2018 International Forklift of the Year Award!!

    With its incredible manoeuvrability, compact design, powerful electric motor, efficiency and numerous digital technology and safety features, the RX 20 achieves a level of performance which is unparalleled in the industry.

  • STILL RX 20 Safety Features

    Exceptional safety features and Perfect all-round visibility!

    Safety comes first and this couldn’t be more true for the new RX 20. Therefore, it is equipped with numerous safety features and the particularly slim mast and extra large windows allow a clear view on all sides and upwards. This does not only look good but helps to identify possible hazards faster than ever before.

  • STILL RX 20 compactness and agility

    Impressive agility and precise manoeuvrability!

    The RX 20 impresses in even the narrowest of spaces. Its compact truck dimensions and precise control system ensure outstanding manoeuvrability. With the new combination axle for four- wheel-drive trucks, it achieves the smallest turning radius in its class. The RX 14C and 16C are the perfect choice for customers who require particularly compact trucks.

  • STILL RX 20 battery change

    Safe and Easy Battery Change!

    Like in predecessor models, the RX 20 also allows for easy and quick side battery change using a pallet truck.

  • Still RX 50 In The Vatican??

    Silently, the STILL RX 50 forklift truck enters St Peter’s Basilica through a side entrance – it almost seems to glide across the opulent marble floors.

  • New Still RX 20 Electric Forklift

    The new RX 20 has been nominated for the International Forklift Truck of the year award 2018.

    Take a look at it in action here.

  • Aisle-Master Truck

    The Aisle Master Narrow Aisle forklift is the lift truck that does it all.

    Take a look at it in action here.