Jägermeister takes delivery of a fleet of STILL forklift trucks and warehouse equipment

Jägermeister takes delivery of a fleet of STILL forklift trucks and warehouse equipment

Jägermeister, the world famous herbal liquer manufacturer has taken delivery of a fleet of custom branded STILL electric forklifts and warehouse equipment. The fleet consists of 10 super environmentally friendly RX 20 electric forklift trucks, seven high-lift pallet trucks and four low- lift pallet trucks.

Jägermeister was a long-time customer of STILL, when at short notice in 2010 it changed its materials handling truck supplier. The fact Jägermeister have chosen to return to STILL forklifts says everything.

Jens Kramer, Jägermeister’s technical buyer responsible for purchasing the trucks, says the collaboration during the entire tendering phase was “extremely professional and co-operative”. “Questions and concerns were always listened to, understood and dealt with promptly,” Kramer adds.

A special feature of the electric forklift trucks is the exclusive Jägermeister branding, with the visually striking orange-coloured Jägermeister stag logo and brand name being emblazoned on the truck’s black priming paint.

The fleet includes the market leading and award winning RX 20 compact forklift which consumes “markedly less energy” than the trucks the liqueur producer previously used. Their maximum driving speed is limited to 12 km/h (7.5 mph.) for safety reasons and the driver’s seat has pneumatic cushioning. In addition to the fuel efficiency and low total cost of ownership , environmental responsibility, ergonomics and of course safety played a central role in the decision to use STILL’s electric trucks. In addition to this, the drivers seat has pneumatic cushioning and integral heating to provide high levels of comfort in use.

For further information about the award winning Still RX 20 and warehouse equipment range please contact us. We also have a number of “Quality Approved” Pre-owned STILL RX20 and RX50 electric forklifts in stock.