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Double victory for STILL Forklifts at the International Forklift of the Year (IFOY) Awards 2015!

It was two celebrations at once for STILL with the RX 60-80 electric forklift winning the “Counterbalanced trucks over 3.5 t” category and STILL also winning the “Intralogistics Solutions” category for its complete warehousing solution at the German plastic film manufacturer, Kuraray GmbH.

The prestigious International Forklift of the Year ( IFOY) Award, for which STILL were nominated in all four categories, assesses innovative quality, technology, design, ergonomics, handling, safety, cost effectiveness and sustainability. The winner in each category is chosen by a jury made up of internationally reputed trade journalists and the leading logistics media from 13 countries. The IFOY Awards for 2015 were presented on May 5 at the BMW Museum in Munich during the [email protected] logistic trade fair.

The RX 60-80: Winner in the “Counterbalanced trucks over 3.5 t” category:

The RX 60-80 convinced the testers firstly by its handling, which was unusually easy for an 8-tonner, thus providing employees with fundamental support in their daily work. This is made possible by the truck’s compact construction, ergonomic operating concept and good freedom of vision. Moreover, the Jury said that the RX 60-80 represents an innovation in its performance class because in this case solutions for E-trucks have been thought through systematically. These include an effective energy optimisation system and a simplified, time-saving battery change that eliminates the use of underslung cranes. The testers’ conclusion: “The STILL RX 60-80 8-tonner is powerful and robust, but drives like a 4- to 5-tonner. With this power pack, STILL proves that driving electrically in the heavy segment is now a highly logical and recommendable alternative.”

The complete warehousing solution at Kuraray GmbH: Winner in the “Intralogistics solutions”category:

STILL received the second IFOY award in the “Intralogistics Solutions” category, in which the Jury assesses the innovation, customer benefit, sustainability and marketability of integrated complete intralogistics solutions. The winner was the system solution for an automated raw materials warehouse for the plastic film manufacturer Kuraray Trosifol, designed by STILL and implemented in Troisdorf in only nine weeks. The warehouse provides a 24-hour supply for the company’s production unit and comprises 3,300 storage bays for pallets with big bags. It contains seven STILL PalletShuttles, three automated FM-X reach trucks, two RX 60 electric trucks, a materials flow computer and a high-level warehouse control computer. It involves, for the first time, communication between the semi-automatic PalletShuttles and the automated FM-X reach trucks to bring the raw materials to the correct production supply station at the optimum time. The solution considerably increases the efficiency of the warehouse processes, with optimum utilisation of the existing storage space.

Idris McCarthy, Managing Director of Gwent Mechanical Handling, the main distributor for STILL in South Wales said “Once again, STILL have won awards at the International Forklift of the Year Awards and continue to set the benchmark in terms of quality, innovation and customer benefit.”