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A number of our customers are using Fleet Management systems from both STILL and Doosan.

The STILL FleetManager™ system allows controlled utilisation, truck management and maintenance control of their forklift trucks. To monitor the utilisation of the trucks, the customer can define who may use the truck and for which purpose. The software allows the control of access entitlement for the relevant forklift by way of chip, card or PIN with the profile of the respective driver. In addition an optional accident recorder makes each defect retraceable. FleetManager™ enables the management of driver data and management of maintenance schedules.

What can STILL FleetManager™ 4.x do?

  • Usage rights using a data card
  • Use by various operators – also with different authorizations
  • Vehicle parameterization using the data card.(e.g. vehicle speeds)
  • Recording of operational statistics and accidents
  • Upkeep and administration of technical and commercial data concerning the vehicle, batteries, etc.
  • Needs oriented analysis (e.g. utilization efficiency evaluation, logbooks)
  • Network capable
  • Data transmission using the data card and cable or wireless connections (GPRS, WLAN)

Doosan recently introduced their own Fleet Management System, which was demonstrated live at the IMHX exhibition with an interactive display. This proved to be one of the greatest areas of interest to visitors, enabling larger fleet customers to understand how Doosan can help them manage their fleets more effectively and keep a handle on costs wherever they are located across the UK.

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