Our Commitment To The Environment

Gwent Mechanical Handling takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously and in addition to selling some of the greenest and most fuel efficient forklift trucks on the planet, we are immensely proud to have been awarded the Internationally recognised ISO 14001 accreditation, which is the world’s most recognised environmental management system. It allows businesses to identify the impact they have on the environment & implement waste saving & pollution prevention procedures across the business, whilst also complying with any applicable legislation.

Thinking and acting environmentally is an integral part of our corporate philosophy and is reflected across all aspects of our business. This can be seen through the forklifts we sell (including the world’s most fuel efficient forklift), in the recycling evident throughout our forklift trucks lifecycle. Our STILL forklift range features the following environmental benefits:

      • Hybrid design of engine powered equipment reduces fuel consumption & emission levels
      • Blue Q energy saving mode available on all counterbalance trucks
      • Traction control reduces tyre wear
      • Low energy chargers available for all electric powered forklifts & warehouse trucks.
      • 95% product recycling
      • Quality build extends product life cycle and reduces dramatically the number of service & repair visits by engineers cutting roads journeys

Overall providing minimum carbon footprint AND saving money!

As a company we are not just aiming to maintain our already high environmental standards but are constantly seeking to improve them. Gwent Mechanical Handling is therefore really contributing to environmental protection.