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“Blue-Q” Energy saving concept for electric forklifts saves up to 20% of energy costs!

The forklift market shows a trend combining performance and economy. More and more customers do not demand maximum speed, but high turnover performance with a sense of proportion.

This is the approach of the new energy saving concept “Blue-Q = IQ”. It stands for economy and intelligent responsibility for the environment.

Depending on the application profile and the equipment of the truck between 10 and 20 percent of the energy consumption can be saved. For an electric truck with 1.6 tons load capacity this means savings of approximately 2500 Euro over 5 years in three shift operation. Not included in the calculation are cost reduction effects less wear, longer service life of a battery and improved utilisation time per battery charge. This also reduces CO2 emissions to produce the electricity, because the less energy is needed, the less need be produced.

STILL forklift trucks are made to suit the demanding performance customers want. This is still so with Blue-Q. STILL actively involves the driver in the concept. He makes a conscious choice to fulfil his task using as little resources as possible for the purpose of his company and the environment.

The efficiency mode Blue-Q (blue button) is activated by pressing a button. The intelligent optimisation of the motor characteristics save energy exactly where it is not needed by the work process. This can be compared to a car driver in city traffic adapting his driving proactively to the flow of the traffic.

The Blue-Q mode does not only affect the driving characteristics but also the intelligent switch off of electric components. All of these additional consumers can make up up to 35 percent of the total power consumption of the (electric) lift truck. A detailed study of the use pays off, for example, the driver only needs rear lights when driving backwards. In this case the spotlights in the front can be turned off, driving lights or heater can be switched off, if the truck stands still for a while or if the driver leaves the truck.

The Still RX50 and RX 20 range are the first forklifts available with this innovation.

In the future Blue-Q = IQ will stand for a holistic concept of economy and intelligent responsibility for the environment. Intelligent control of intralogistics does not only require modern warehouse trucks but much more. A holistic approach understanding the vehicles and the drivers including the training as part of a complete system is needed. This is about integrating the physical flow of material and the accompanying flow of information. For further information about our forklifts with this innovative development, please contact us at Gwent Mechanical Handling.