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The worlds most fuel efficient forklift delivers low Total Cost of Ownership

The ultra fuel efficient Still RX70 uses less fuel than any other forklift in its class and along with it’s many other features such as 1,000 hour service intervals, reduced tyre wear, 3,000 hour hydraulic oil change, the Still RX70 forklift delivers a very low Total Cost of Ownership.

A study based on using the industry standard VDI 2198 guidelines and with diesel costed at £1.15 per litre showed that for a typical application with use of 40 hours per week, the Still Rx70 would cost only £110 per week in fuel which gives by far the lowest fuel cost for forklifts in this class compared to it’s competitors. A 2.5 tonne capacity forklift from another company cost £238 in fuel!  RX70 users such as Heinz, Norbert Dentressangle, Frankfurt airport, Kuhne & Nagel and International Greetings are all benefitting from this low total cost of ownership.

Simon Tebbs, procurement business partner at Norbert Dentressangle Transport Services, said: “The initial trials demonstrated that the hybrid drive trucks would deliver a significant business improvement with an average 35% reduction in fuel consumption and, depending on use, some even saw a drop of almost 50%.The outgoing trucks use 5.4 litres of fuel per hour, whereas the new model uses 2.4 litres per hour, when measured against industry VDI 2198 Standard.”

Before purchasing their fleet of RX 70 forklifts, Norbert Dentressangle reviewed a number of materials handling equipment manufacturers against a “Whole Life Cost Model”. This looked at on-going maintenance, environmental impact, tyre replacement costs, fuel, general reliability, parts pricing, response times (to ensure minimum downtime), effective fleet utilisation, and continuous improvement opportunities.

Because it uses less fuel than any other truck in the world and thanks to the forklifts many other environmentally friendly features, it is hardly surprising that the Still RX70 has won a host of forklift truck and also environmental awards including the International Forklift of the year award, the Fork Lift Truck Association Environment Award and Germany’s Federal Eco design Award.


The principle is simple: burn less fuel than competitor trucks (in some cases less than half!) and therefore produce fewer carbon emissions. STILL’s Hybrid technology is characterised by a long service life, high overall efficiency and low fuel consumption – just 2.5 l/hr in accordance with VDI 2198 guidelines (60 working cycles). This figure is even more amazing when compared with up to 5.4 l/hr used by a traditional diesel torque converter forklift truck.

Other environmentally friendly aspects:
The RX 70′s 1,000-hour service intervals (twice the industry standard) reduce the number of filters being used and the amount of oil being changed. This reduces environmental impact through fewer disposals of oil and contaminated used filters. It also means the forklift truck engineer needs to visit the truck less frequently, thereby indirectly reducing the carbon footprint of this machine even further.

Tyre wear is greatly reduced due to the unique Hybrid drive acting as a traction control and ABS system, eliminating wheel-spin. Thus the RX 70 requires fewer tyres therefore having less impact on the environment through tyre manufacture and disposal.

There are no gearbox transmission oils to change and the unique variable displacement hydraulic pump greatly prolongs the life of the hydraulic oil, which can now remain in the machine for up to 3,000 operating hours between changes (the industry standard is every 2,000 hours.)

During manufacture, no solvent-based paints are used and, at the end of the truck’s life, 95% of it can be recycled.

Gwent Mechanical Handling are the multi award winning main distributor for Still forklift trucks.