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Three Still Forklifts Nominated for International Forklift of the Year Award!

Three Still Forklifts have been nominated for the International Forklift of the Year Award 2014: The new STILL RX 70 – 50 counterbalance truck with a diesel-electric drive and 5 t load capacity, the EK-X vertical order picker and the iGo Easy automated guided vehicle system have made it to the final round and will have a chance to prove themselves in extensive tests and assessments in mid-March.

The International Forklift of the Year test focuses on the practical use of forklifts. Among other things, the assessment will judge the cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency, sustainability, safety, ergonomics and design of the machines. The sponsor and initiator of the International Forklift Truck of the Year (IFOY) is the Conveyor Technology and Intralogistics trade association in the German Engineering Association (VDMA). The international IFOY jury consists of 17 specialised journalists from 13 European countries. For the first time experts from the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML) will also assess the innovation value of the trucks and solutions in an innovation check compared to direct competitors in the market.

The RX 70-50 which is available in gas and diesel models, excels through its unique combination of a powerful industrial engine, precision, ergonomics, compactness and safety, combined with low emission values. The proven diesel-electric drive technology allows high work speeds at low fuel consumption levels. The exact and sensitive control of the drive and the hydraulic system, in combination with five adjustable drive programmes makes efficient use of the available power.

In each of the drive programmes the top speed, the acceleration and the deceleration grades can be individually set. This ‘glues’ the truck to the foot of the driver. The driver can handle the truck alone with the accelerator pedal, the service brake is almost not needed.

When the driver takes the foot off the accelerator pedal the truck brakes electrically without any wear. The automatic stop also prevents the truck from rolling off accidentally on bumpy surfaces or when it stops on slopes. As with all of the electric and IC trucks from the STILL family, the driving characteristics of the ‘big boys’ are smooth, sensitive and precise. This allows drivers to work accurately and efficiently. Here you can find out more information about the Rx 70 5-tonne

With the EK-X, STILL sets new standards in terms of performance, picking height, residual capacity, functionality and ergonomics. With driving speeds of up to 13 km/h and lifting speeds of up to 0.4 m/s, the EK-X allows operators to push forward into new dimensions of efficient goods handling, because thanks to the intelligent OPTISPEED system, driving speed is controlled in a situation-related way depending on the lift height and load weight. Thus the driver is always on the move as quickly and safely as possible. At the same time the very roomy, shock-absorbing cab with numerous equipment options offers him exceptional visibility in all directions with best conditions of work. Due to the modular concept, the vertical order picker is adaptable to every warehouse and carries the operator up to a picking height of 12 m. As a result of its compact construction, it achieves a minimum turning radius of 1732 mm, making it the optimum choice for use even in narrow warehouse situations. The new EK-X trucks recover energy during braking and lowering operations – thus allowing multi-shift deployments with only a single battery.
Here you can find more information about EK-X:

The iGo Easy, nominated for the IFOY in the category Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), is the first system solution worldwide that enables complete configuration, control and monitoring via iPad. This allows STILL to provide its customers with a quick, uncomplicated entry into automating their transport and goods handling processes. For this reason the combination of an iPad and the driverless EGV-S pedestrian-controlled high-lift stacker is also suitable for areas in which up to now goods transport was sensible only by using a manually driven stacker truck, e.g. supply and removal of a production unit. With the assistance of the iGo Easy App, the user can independently install the system and can adapt it to changing framework conditions. Reflectors are initially installed to determine position. For this the truck is initially moved manually through the corresponding warehouse area, and stations are driven to and activated by a finger-tap on the iPad.

The App generates and visualises the optimum driving route from the recorded data, and driving orders can afterwards be communicated to the truck by finger-tap and WLAN, and carried out automatically. Thanks to the easily understood user interface, settings such as speed limits, one-way routes and station properties can be configured in a self-explanatory way. With the cockpit function including a live image, the user can keep an eye on the automated truck at all times during ongoing operations. The truck’s current position is displayed on a virtual warehouse plan and important data such as speed, battery charge or transport orders are displayed via easily understood graphics. New driving orders can be generated without any complications and existing driving orders modified via the iGo Easy App. Moreover, driving orders that are used frequently can be stored in a quick choice menu. In addition, the innovative system can also be controlled not only from the warehouse but from anywhere within the WLAN network.
For any information about the RX 70, EK-X or iGo Easy, please contact us.