Diesel and Gas Forklifts

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  • RX 70

    1.6 - 2.0 Tonne

    STILL RX 70 Diesel / Gas
  • RX70

    2.2 - 3.5 Tonne

    Still RX70 Diesel / Gas Forklift Truck
  • RX70

    3 - 3.5 Tonne

    STILL RX70 Hybrid
  • RC 40


    STILL RC 40 Diesel Forklift Truck
  • RX 70

    4.0 - 5.0 TONNE

    STILL RX 70 Diesel / Gas Forklift Truck
  • RX 70

    6.0 - 8.0 TONNE

    STILL RX 70 Diesel / Gas Forklift Truck

Gwent Mechanical Handling supply the complete range of Still and Doosan diesel and gas forklifts with load capacities ranging from 1.6 tonne up to 25 tonne heavy duty forklift trucks. With over 100 models available we can supply diesel or gas forklifts to meet any application.

Economical, powerful and renowned for their outstanding German quality, the Still forklift range includes the “super fuel efficient” RX 70, which recently won the International Forklift of the Year award along with lower cost RC 40 range of diesel forklifts.

Doosan build rugged, reliable yet simple to operate diesel forklifts which has resulted in them becoming one of the leading providers in the UK, with users such as Rolls Royce and British airways. Doosan large capacity forklifts are firm favourites with big forklift users and other no-nonsense users.

Diesel powered forklift trucks are ideal for applications where they are mainly used outside. The exhaust fumes and diesel particulates escape easily to atmosphere and do not cause environmental or health and safety issues which would occur indoors. Nevertheless, exhaust catalysts and purifiers can reduce noxious emissions and make the machines acceptable for occasional indoor use.

Diesel engines are more fuel efficient than LPG powered engines and an average fuel tank of 50 litres will last much longer than an 18 kg bottle of gas, in like-for-like usage. The Still RX 70 diesel forklift for which we are the sole distributor in the South Wales and Bristol region is recognized as the most efficient in the world. The performance of a diesel forklift is usually superior to an electric alternative, with better acceleration and lift speeds. In addition, if hydraulic attachments are required, such as rotating clamps, hydraulic fork spreaders, forward tipplers, etc, there is no problem with shortage of battery capacity, which can be the case with an electric forklift.

Diesel forklifts are noisier in operation, the exhaust fumes are off- putting to some people, and cannot be used long term inside an enclosed building. Their bulkier size means they need more space to operate in, but this is not usually a problem when used outside.

Gas powered forklifts have long been popular, due to their competitive pricing and suitability for inside/outside usage and convenience for round the clock working. The engines are usually derivatives of car engines, and consequently parts are readily available at keen prices. Some gas forklift trucks are of a compact design and can offer excellent manoeuvrability features. Gas / LPG forklift trucks are quieter in use than diesel forklift equivalents and are more environmentally friendly than diesel. Whilst gas forklifts are generally cheaper than diesel and electric forklift trucks, their maintenance and fuel costs are higher.

For any forklift sale enquiries, please contact us and speak with our experienced and knowledgeable team. We cover the entire region including Cardiff, Bristol, Swansea, Newport and Hereford.