The Still: High Lift Pallet Truck / Stacker Truck Range

The EXV and EGV range from STILL have been created in a completely new, functional design. Even easier to operate, even more manoeuvrable, with an even greater residual capacity and an even higher turnaround of pallets per battery charge! Sturdily built impact zones and an extremely stable cover made of high strength bumper material provide added protection to the truck, make these probably the highest quality high lift stacker trucks available.

In short: A pedestrian high lift pallet truck (stacker) with high value retention at minimal cost. This is exactly the right truck for all applications in services, trade, crafts and industry. The EXV high lift pallet truck is available in 1.0 and 1.2 tonnes capacities for working areas with a low to medium throughput of pallets. For heavier applications, the 1.4 and 1.6 tonnes EGV variants are ideal.


      • Damped lowering on all mast types (protects the loads)
      • Particularly robust fork tips: wedge shaped with round tips for better entry into the pallets
      • Increase in capacity and stability due to wider track
      • The drive pulse controller (tried and tested MOSFET power electronics with microprocessor supported control logic) give the operator precise control – from quickly to very sensitively, thus protecting the most sensitive loads
      • Automatic braking when the drive switch is released. Even in cold store applications down to minus 30°C (and the temperature changes occurring here) the EXV and the EGV are well suited thanks to specially prepared components. Created for practical use.
      • Since the centre of gravity is located between the drive and load wheels, a high loading capacity is possible without a counterweight
      • The smallest working aisle widths on the market guarantee the greatest manoeuvrability thanks to the compact build.
      • The narrow clear-view mast and the off centre tiller provide the best visibility both when picking up the load and when stacking
      • The rocker mounting of the tandem rollers additionally increases driving comfort and facilitates driving over uneven floors and thresholds. The floor clearance can be increased to 140 mm with the aid of the initial lift

The newly developed tiller on the EGV offers a high level of safety and comfort: varying the pressure on the button pressure allows the hoist and lowering speed to be regulated. The easy to grip shape and symmetrical layout of all the controls allows convenient operation by right and left handed operators. There is a specially shaped impact plate integrated into the tiller head which, when it touches the operator, will immediately set the EGV moving in the opposite direction and then automatically stop it. The special shape of the plate and arrangement of the switch ensures that this function is guaranteed in all normal operating positions of the tiller – regardless of the physique of the operator.

The new tiller on the EGV has even more benefits to offer, e.g.:

        • vibration reducing material provides safe, untiring steering and operation
        • wear-free switch equipment for drive, hoist and lowering movements
        • generous, robust handle – impact resistant and capable of high loadings

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