Electric 2 tonne low lift pallet truck with driver’s stand-on platform

The loading of lorries or trailers requires the greatest precision and manoeuvrability, speed of operation and absolute robustness to meet the requirements of modern logistics terminals.

The EXU-SF 20 low lift electric pallet truck combines these properties with the advantages of unique flexibility. Whilst the folding platform in conjunction with the very compact build allows manoeuvring in the tightest spaces, the air suspension individually adjustable to the driver, and also the adjustable height side guards provide a high degree of individual support for the operator. The combination of its two drive programs enables maximum driving power at the same time as saving energy. The electrical tiller steering reduces speed when cornering depending on the steering angle. Unrivalled driving characteristics and high stability, thanks to a sprung drive wheel make the EXU-SF the most ergonomically advanced machine in its class.


      • Highest precision and agility
      • Highly dynamic and full robustness
      • Maneuvering in confined spaces also
      • Individually adjustable air suspension on the driver
      • Adjustable protective wing

We have over 25 years of electric powered pallet truck supply and  cover the entire region, including Cardiff, Bristol, Swansea Newport and Hereford. Please contact us for further information, pricing and advice.

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