STILL RX70 Hybrid 3 & 3.5 tonne


The RX70 Hybrid is available in 3 and 3.5 tonne lifting capacities of this multi award winning super efficient forklift truck, which excels by using less energy than any other product in its class. Dependent on the type of application it can reduce fuel consumption costs by over £100 per week (see study below).


  • It won International Forklift of the Year
  • The world’s most fuel efficient forklift
  • Environmentally friendly and reduced running costs thanks to Hybrid Technology
  • No loss of power when lifting / lowering or driving on a gradient
  • Technical excellence and high reliability…..its a STILL
  • Federal Ecodesign Award winner
  • 5 driving programs
  • Cruise control
  • Proven in businesses such as Frankfurt Airport and Kuehne + Nagel

Minimised energy costs and low CO2 emissions.

This innovative forklift is another STILL contribution in the effort to environmentally sustain your intralogistics. The lower consumption of energy means lower CO2 emissions. The RX70 hybrid makes use of “free” energy. This is recuperated from the kinetic energy when using the truck brakes. This energy is stored and can then be used for the next acceleration.

The RX 70 Hybrid is the first series-produced counter balance truck worldwide, using the principle of energy recuperation in combination with an electric power transmission. To provide a powerful but yet energy-efficient drive, the truck combines two systems to store the energy:

This system of energy recuperation, combined with the most efficient way to use the internal combustion engine taps into the potential energy savings and allows considerable fuel savings compared to other forklifts in its class, depending on the work cycle.

With this technology STILL has made another important step towards an ecologically responsible and efficient management of materials.

Cost Savings

A study based on using the industry standard VDI 2198 guidelines and with diesel costed at £1.15 per litre showed that for a typical application with use of 40 hours per week, the Still Rx70 would cost only £110 per week in fuel which gives by far the lowest fuel cost for forklifts in this class compared to it’s competitors. A 2.5 tonne capacity forklift from another company cost £238 in fuel!

Andreas Kerkmann of Kuehne + Nagel says:
“In the test, the RX 70 Hybrid from STILL scored best by far with a fuel consumption rate considerably below that of the models it was compared to. This is why we decided to rent a complete fleet of twenty RX70 Hybrid trucks which we operate at Hannover, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Nuremberg as well as Munich.” In the tests, the fuel consumption per hour was up to 1.2 litres lower than that of compared models”.

Benefits of this new hybrid:

Drive and lift movements are intelligently controlled. Additionally an electrical adjustable hydraulic pump lowers the consumption for lifting.

The truck draws its energy from the diesel tank and the ultra caps (high performance double layer capacitors) mounted at the rear. These ultra caps are charged with the energy released when the truck brakes. When accelerating, the energy from the capacitors provides additional performance. The energy collected when braking is later used by the generator which is additionally propelled by the diesel engine to power the electric drive motor.

All the related systems are linked up by the electronic controller which also controls charging and discharging of the additional energy storage.

Ultra caps are particularly well suited for the task because they can be quickly charged with high currents and release the energy equally as fast. This supporting energy reduces the load on the diesel engine by approximately 30 percent!

Typical Application

The ideal application for the RX70 hybrid is within industries that require frequent braking & acceleration. For example, when loading and unloading lorrys in the beverage industry. For more and more customers environmental friendliness and sustainability are the decisive criteria in the process of selecting an industrial truck.

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