Electric Forklifts

Electric forklift trucks from STILL are No. 1 wherever noise reduction and freedom from exhaust gas pollution are priorities. What’s more, STILL’s electric trucks are highly reliable, tough and very economical. Robust, powerful traction batteries with a high storage capacity and long service life provide ample energy for an 8 hour shift.

In addition, the electric trucks from STILL offer a high level of working safety, comfort and functionality. For example, the driver has a free choice of driving characteristics on the RX20, RX 60 and the RX 50, setting completely new standards in the electric truck field.

Some of our most popular electric forklifts are below. We can also supply high quality, main distributor approved used electric forklifts.

Electric forklifts are usually the best choice for warehouses, manufacturing applications, and other indoor use, for two reasons, firstly electric forklifts produce zero emissions, which If you are going to be using your forklift indoors, is a very important consideration. Secondly, fuel cost is much lower for electric forklifts, providing a lower cost per hour of operation than diesel or gas forklift trucks.

All Still electric forklifts feature the “Blue – Q” energy saving mode at the touch of a button, which provides in a saving in energy consumption of up to 20%, depending upon the application and equipment. Still electric forklifts are the market leaders and used by companies such as Coca Cola, DHL, Aldi and BMW.

If you need any information about our electric forklift range or require advice about what is suitable for your particular application (mast height, engine capacity, wheel base etc), please contact us and speak with our experienced and knowledgeable team. We cover the entire region including Cardiff, Bristol, Swansea, Newport and Hereford.